How Is Your Business Listed Online and Why It Matters

How your business is listed online matters.  It matters because to rank well in Google your business needs to be listed the same in all places on the internet.

Your business should have the EXACT same business name, address, and phone number as is listed on Google My Business.  If you don't have a "Google My Business" listing give me a call now and we can go over the details with you. (813) 421-4259.

Secondly, it is important to know what kind of reviews you have online.  There are a lot of websites that your clients/patients/customers can leave a review of your business. You need to know if you have good reviews, bad reviews, or no reviews.

Google has said that having good reviews is a ranking factor, meaning that if you have good reviews, it helps your website rank higher in Google and that means you get more new customers.

So rather than trying to do all of that manually which could take hours we have our proprietary software that goes out and checks to see if you business listings are correct and if not what the problem is.  Also, it goes out to all of the business review sites and shows you all of your online reviews or lack thereof.

So to get the full report just full out your business name and zip code below, click "Scan Now" and you can get the full report in the next 60 seconds.

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