Services & Pricing

phone ringing off the hook with live phone leadsEverybody I talk to wants to do online marketing for their business for one reason.  That reason, get people calling their business who are ready to buy their service.

They may need a new roof, a garage door repair, a new ac unit or 10 other home improvement and contractor types of service.  On the home page I have a video case study on just a couple companies achieve this goal of getting customers call them because of their internet advertising.

Below I detail exactly what we can do for your business at what I think is a very resonable price.  Just think of what the return on investment is for that garage door company that is getting over 100 calls a month for less thean $500 in advertising cost.


What Your Get With Our Service

  1. Google Places Business Submission and/or Optimization – If you are not already on Google Places then we submit your business and help you get your business verified.  Some companies may already be on Google Places but your are one of the millions of businesses not showing up on page 1 and are getting no new business.  We optimize the listings, we submit, or the listing you already have on Google.  It is imperative that you have your listing optimized correctly and follow all the Google guidelines or you just won’t make it to page 1 and will not get any new business or even worse you may get banned from Google.
  2. Power Listings on the Top 45 Local Search Directories – We submit your business to all of the important local business directories such as Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and many, many more.  As a Power Listing it means you are automatically verified because you are working with us. It also means that your business name, address, and phone number are automatically updated on these sites to match exactly what is on Google, which is very important to get ranked on Google. In addition you will be able to put a special offer on these sites to make your business stand out from all your competitors.  Last but not least we will be able to add pictures and videos for your business to all of these sites which once again will help you stand out from the other 99% of businesses who do not have these.
  3. Get Listed on the Top 100 Sites That are Helping Your Competitors Rank on Google – We have proprietary software that goes out and looks at the top 10 competitors you want to beat on Google.  It finds where these businesses are listed online and helping them rank at the top of Google.  We then go out and get you listed on the top 100 sites it finds your competitors listed on.  Now each of the top 10 competitors may only be on 10 or 20 of these sites and we are going to put you on 100.  The key is to do everything more and better than your competitors so you can get all of the business they are currenly getting online.
  4. Get Online Reviews for Your Business – We have a propietary review getting system that makes it easy for you to get reviews and easy for your customers to leave review in all the right places.  When I say the right places, I mean you want reviews on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Superpages, Facebook, Angies List. Based on all of the business owners I talk to, getting reviews is the hardest thing for them to do.  We make it simple to get reviews!  With our review system you will get the following:
  • A flyer for you employees to give to your customers before they leae a job that is proven to get your customers to Want to give you a review.
  • Special software to put on your website to generate a page for your customers to leave a review which includes a video telling them exactly what to do.
  • If your customer leaves you a great review then it directs them to one of the important sites like Google to leave that review for others to see.
  • If they were unhappy with your service for some reason it directs them contact you to resolve the problem rather than leave a bad review on one of the sites.
  • Automatically adds good reviews to your website so all the visitors to your website can see all your happy customers.
  • Automatically generates a weekly report showing you all of your reviews on the Local Business Directories and lets you know if you get a bad review so you can respond immediately.

Simple & Easy Pricing

Only $495 Per Month

  • Compare that to Google Adwords – You could spend THOUSANDS of dollars to generate the same amount of live phone leads and new business that our system generates.
  • Compare that to HomeAdvisor or All the Other Shared Lead Companies – I have never spoken to a business owner who bought shared leads from Homeadvisor or any other company who really liked the system.  You and everybody else hate when a lead is immediatley sent out to 5 competitors at the same time.  You call and they have already got something booked or they want you to beat the price of every other company and if you don’t call them within 5 minutes that lead is worthless and is money down the drain.
  • Compare to the YellowPages –  Well, for one the Yellowpages are dying in this age of the internet.  Less and less people are using the Yellowpages each and every day. Even if you do still get business from the Yellowpages it cost you THOUSANDS per month if you get an ad big enough to get you any business.
  • Compare to Local Coupon Books and Magazines –  Once again this cost a ton of money for the amount of business it brings in.

Don’t get me wrong.  You should be doing all of the above advertising if it is bringing in more money than it is costing you.  What I am saying is our online maketing program will give you the most amount of Exclusive Leads for the money spent, Hands Down.  Our system will give you the highest return on investment(ROI) than any of the other marketing programs listed above.