I Am Here To Help You Actually Get Business Online

My name is Tom Parker and I am a internet marketing consultant.  What that means is I tell you what actions you can take that will actually get you new business from your website and all the other places you can advertise and/or list your business on the internet.  I will give you the cold hard facts of what really works and does not work.  There are many fads that come and go online and most of those fads don't work and are just a waste of time.

First off, if you have not watched the video above then please do so.  It shows you what is possible if you promote your business and website properly on the internet.


Below I will layout what I believe is the absolute best way for you to start generating live phone calls to your business from people who are ready and willing to buy right now.

google placesStep 1:  Add your business to Google Places (Google+ Local, Google Local, Google Maps).  The key to this is you must set it up correctly and in a very specific way if you want to rank at the top of Google and not some place on page 20 where no one will ever see your business. Also you must comply with all Google guidelines.  If you break their rules they will ban your listing and you will not get back on Google and that could cost you thousands of dollars in lost business.  Follow their rules.


online directories

Step 2:  Add your business to the Top online small business Directories (Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Superpages, and about 50 more).  The reason to add your business to these directories is two fold.  For one, people do use these sites to search for local businesses and you will get some business from them.  Also, Google will rank many of these sites very high when people are searching for a business because Google trust that these sites are providing information that people want.  Last but not least and the main reason to add your business to these sites. Google will rank your business website higher in the search engines because you are listed on these sites.  It is very important that you add pictures of your business, video, and special offers in these listings if you want to stand out from your competitors and get the call when they don't.


competitor analysisStep 3:  Get listed on the same sites that are currently listing and linking to your top ten competitor sites on Google for your business category.  Right now there are at least 10 of your competitors that are ranking on page 1 of Google and getting all of the phone calls and leads that you want to get.  The reason they are ranked on page 1 is because Google trust their site more than all the other sites.  The reason they trust those sites more is because they are listed on and have links back to their site from other sites Google thinks are important.  So you want to find out who is listing and linking to those sites and get those listings and links also.  Our research has shown that there are normally over 100 sites that you would want to get links back to your site from if you want to rank on page 1 of Google and the other search engines.


online reviewsStep 4:  Get online reviews of your business!!!  I believe online reviews are the single most important thing a company can focus on if they are going to succeed in getting business online.  The 2013 consumer study by BrightLocal, one of the top local online business tools sites, just came out with this unbelievable statistic:  88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.  Also the more reviews you get the more Google trust your site and the higher it ranks.  Then when you are ranked on page 1 of Google and consumers see your business has all these great reviews they will choose your business to call over all your competitors who do not spend the time or focus on getting any reviews. Last but not least on reviews is you have to monitor them weekly to make sure you respond to any bad review that may pop up.